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GE Company's Representative Visited Our Factory

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GE Company's Representative Visited Our Factory
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Xi’an ,China, JUL 8,2016 /GE / ---Is the world's largest diversified service company, from aircraft engines, power generation equipment ,medical equipment and the others ,That require different types of special alloys for their production needs. Xi’an GangYan Special Alloy Co,Ltd announces the availability of a large range of special alloys and special alloy products to meet the requirements of the global industries all across the world. Our factory alloy’s products with high quality and custom compositions to meet the specific requirements of an industry.

In the morning of 8th ,the company’s representative visited our factory, during the factory tour and 2hours meeting ,the final materials was settled in different industries. Hiperco50 ,Kovar ,invar , permalloy80,Inconel 600 ,Inconel718.and others. Our factory matches the international production standards, such as SGS, ISO, ASTM and others.Supplying alloy products according to the client requirements and the prevailing quality standards. We can supply products matching any specification and in any quantity throughout the year. our company aims at fuelling the growth of the industries around the world .

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