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Soft Magnetic-Iron Cobalt alloy Co49 V2 Fe49

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Soft Magnetic-Iron Cobalt alloy Co49 V2 Fe49
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Soft Magnetic -Cobalt Iron Alloy Co49 V2 Fe49 (ASTM A801-14 Alloy 1


         Co49 V2 Fe49 is a high-saturation magnetic induction strength iron-cobalt-vanadium soft magnetic alloy. In the existing soft magnetic materials, the alloy has the highest saturation magnetic induction (2.4T) and a high Curie point (940℃). Due to the high saturation magnetic induction, when manufacturing a motor of the same power, the volume can be greatly reduced, and the weight can be reduced, which is less than 50% of that of an ordinary motor. Moreover, the motor has high sensitivity, low heat generation, good stability and long life. Due to the high Curie point, the alloy can be operated at higher temperatures where other soft magnetic alloy materials have been completely demagnetized and maintain good magnetic stability. The performance stability of the motor is better than that of the permanent magnet motor at higher operating temperatures.

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Turned components for actuators. stamped lamination assemblies for motors and generators.

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