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Hiperco 50a

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Hiperco 50a
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Executive Standard : ASTM     A 801    UNS R30005

Principal Design Features :   Soft magnetic alloy, 49% Fe-, 9% Co, 2% V. Very easily cracked in forging.

Applications:    This alloy is used in motor laminations, transducers, poles and cores as well as transformer and head laminations.

Forms :       Rod  Strip  Plate

Heat Treatment :   For optimum properties, it is essential that proper post work annealing be performed. Heat to 1540 F for 2 hours in pure hydrogen and cool slowly at a rate of 180 to 200 F per hour. Temperatures above 1600 F will cause damage to the material's potential properties.

Cold Working :  This material has a very high work hardening rate.

Annealing This is a 49% Ni/ Co alloy with 2% vanadium. It possesses excellent magnetic and physical properties including high saturation flux density, low DC coercive force and high permeability at high inductions.