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super alloy Elgiloy

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super alloy Elgiloy
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Phynox  AMS 5833;  AMS 5834; ASTM F-1058; AMS 5875; AMS 5876; NACE MR0175; UNS R30003; NOL-WS 13822,

Super alloys Elgiloy are widely used in numerous industries to make components such as gas turbine engines, rocket motors, nuclear reactors, submarines, and petroleum equipment. Super alloys perform exceptionally in high temperature environments.

Super alloy Elgiloy is a cobalt-chromium-nickel alloy, and provides high strength, fatigue life, ductility, and good mechanical properties. It is also corrosion resistant in various environments. It is recommended that forming should be done before heat treatment as heat treatment strengthens the material and makes it more difficult to form.

Super alloy  Elgiloy  with high strength, ductility, fatigue life, and good mechanical properties.Corrosion resistant in

 numerous environments. Available in strip (currently 0.002" to 0.04" thickness and 0.80" to 1.00 " width), round wire (0.006" to 0.625" diameter), sheet, cable, ribbon, bar, rod, General Forming are available.please send  a quote !