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Super Invar 32-5

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Super Invar 32-5
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Super Invar 32-5, a magnetic, austenitic, solid solution alloy containing iron, nickel, and cobalt, is designed to provide minimum thermal expansion at room temperatures. This alloy also exhibits austenite stability to service temperature at least -67°F and thermal expansion properties less than those of Invar 36 alloy (36% nickel-iron) when used in the -67/203& deg;F (-55/95°C) temperature range.

Applications for Super Invar 32-5 have included structural components for supports and substrates in optical and laser systems requiring precision measurements. This alloy has also used in wave guide tubes and other systems requiring metals in conjunction with low expansion glass/quartz assemblies.

【Paper label】:Super Invar 32-5 nickel cobalt